Connection is a project born in 2018 as a way to be in touch with a dear friend, Andrea.

The idea was to exchange our photography diaries with a physical approach, versus web-galleries, or social media.

Started as a friends only project evolved and included different people, making an actual connection to real life meetings and friendship chance. Every issues makes a new one possible. 

And the next one will be out soon but not immediately, whatever means to you.

  1. 2018 - Gabriele Lopez and Andrea
  2. november '19 - Same authors
  3. December 2020 - Igor Baranchuk (Russia), Cloro (Italy), Andrea Taurisano (Norway), Gabriele Lopez (Italy)
  4. Gabriele Lopez (Italy), Tadashi Onishi (Japan), Joel Pulliam (Japan) and Andrea Taurisano (Norway).

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