Instant by Giancarlo Clapis

 An Instant, like a tree. A personal Project from Giancarlo Clapis. An intimate Journey into his family history. A5 Size, Uncoated paper and matt polished cover. 76 pages of beauty. Get in touch for info on how to get a copy or join us on the next DIY Night!  

The London Dispatch

The London Dispatch is a new creation from a collaboration with Francesco Quarato , a young Italian photographer. With his one camera-one lens combination, it's a personal view of his London experience . Simple and sweet, honest body of work. - 27 Color Film photos Film, sized 9,45 in x 7 in in 170 gr coated paper and Soft Touch finish 250gr Cover You will be able to see a copy in the Broken Poems darkroom , at Foto Ottica Cavour camera shop in Milan and get copies for sale at Armani Books in Milan from 8 October or just take some time to say hello to Francesco and get a copy. Hopefully a new connection may exist. You can contact Francesco on Instagram too. This is an example on stuffs I want to work on more and more now...building connections, make photography tangible, helping to realise photo projects... If you have a photo project you want to publish, you can consider to submit it here . 


O is to the circle of life and what matters.A5 'zine of 48 pages self printed and sewed on rough yellow uncoated paper, with an a4 washi-likewise print and one 10x15cm matte print, signed. Gabriele Lopez photography Everything handmade 8 copies only for this edition. A new open edition with perfect binding is coming. "I would like to be like our little birds forever locked in their cage side by side in the bar eat, shit small pets of little weight little memory little pain "

Lore #1 handmade versions

 Finally, after a busy period I have found some time to do and enjoy making these handmade books extracted from our Lore 1 web 'zine . I am so happy about this kind of formula that I will want to use for future projects that are under construction now. It contains Cloro and Insect Panic photography, that I love...they have an ongoing partnership with this work and it's just nice to have them here. 19x19 cm 25 pictures on handmade natural paper book Few Copies will be mostly around local libraries and earned money will go to the photographers. One single copy on our website

Archives: END- a meaning

We completed this archive section, that it now ends as a gift, memory and thanks to all those who joined this little project. All is love.

Archives: Map

 Map, an history of a disappearing city and crowd, making space for something new... 2022. Handmade with a physical book, a xerox zine and a Darkroom print. A special 'zine edition from this work was printed as " Afterwords " by the great Tour Dogs Afterwords I have been taking pictures around different cities daily for decades now. Suddenly, everything starts looking as a map of a place that has no definite name or belonging. 
The rhythm of the crowd, loneliness, fascination, and tiredness melt together in a swirl. Many of us experienced some sort of isolation during the pandemic from the daily grind and this looks like a diary about celebration and escape. 
As the act of shooting in the streets is changing for me, photographs are memory and photocopy of the daily life experience itself.