Back in time: Grido Taciuto, our first work

Grido Taciuto is a selection of personal work from Cristina  that was born in some afternoons of darkroom work, way back in 2018/2019.... A serie of pictures were born, using different materials from Lith to tissue, to Baryta...every print had a strong feel and tactile experience. It was about family, memory and recovery. Fragile and intense. From the sale of this box a ' zine was produced, that is longtime soldout.  This was the start of this micro-adventure... we are working on something new, in these weeks... I can't wait to show what will come...

Lore - web issue

Lore  is the new project of BrokenPoems x  Latopaper.. It`s the poignant expressive drift of structures that support the weight of masks. The unpronounceable nicknames, the unveiled lies, the plots hammered apart and flushed down the toilet. Is a personal Mythology. In the print version of Lore you will find two artists ready for confrontation every time.  Details soon, stay focused you who can. Read Lore issue 1!

Welcome - Work in progress...

Welcome! We are currently working on the first digital publications that will appear on this website as soon as it will be finished. In the meanwhile you can browse what has been done until now in our shop . Come back soon!