To birds

60,00 €

o Birds, handmade book by Broken Poems Publishing

To wonder, over an unconscious disorder...

I have pointed my camera at birds for years now, in the search for poetry over and from a busy city taken with meaningless things. Money, worries, notoriety.
The simple act of surviving and total freedom, migrating from far away countries against all odds, while an unaware population fights for parking made questions (still unanswered) pop up in my head, day after day.

It gave me peace and hope.

Handmade book with recycled papers in 10x15 size, hardcover. 3 copies made, two are for sale.
Pigment prints and manual modifications, every copy is someway different.
€60, will not be made again, some kind of 'zine will come after, but this is once.


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