Interested, in love and obsessed with a certain kind of personal photography and self publishing world, Broken Poems was born to record, publish and expose photography and paper based graphic projects in a friendly, affordable and easy way, from web-issues to tight selections often in the form of small batch precious typography 'zines realised with Lato Paper or handmade projects that are usually realised in a darkroom based in Milan.

Photography books and 'zines are exhibited in our DIY Nights everywhere.

Lore is the new project of BrokenPoems x Latopaper..
It`s the poignant expressive drift of structures that support the weight of masks. It`s the unpronounceable nicknames, the unveiled lies, the plots hammered apart and flushed down the toilet. Is a personal Mythology.
In the print version of Lore you will find two artists ready for confrontation every time. Details soon, stay focused you who can.

Broken Poems is (ongoing): Gabriele Lopez, Cloro, Auryn Studio

It's an open project and loves collaborations.

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Lore #1 handmade versions

Lore - web issue