what you are really missing

These are without any doubt hard and crazy times. None of us ever lived a tragedy like this in our lifetime.
It's a chance to think at what you are really missing now.

I doubt it's your career dream. A month market stop can easily vanish economic balance, and this is how solid is, compared to family, affects and freedom. Career is easy to vanish in a bubble of nothing and family, friends and affects are those we are all missing hard. It is time to make them feel as much as possible how much they are important.

We all got involved in this or that market trend, I have surely been as a photographer (what do the market want, what kind of photography is now requested and so on...).

And you can read news talking and talking about money, money, money. Sure we need them now, since we built a world just around this concept. I strongly believe that for this reason the whole disaster happened...poor simple starving population that build our cheap stuffs...

Crazy times, indeed.