Questions and choices.

As the world is facing a big crisis, and we are worldwide stuck in a new (for most of us) situation it is the occasion to stop and ask ourselves some question.
The fact is that many of us will be in serious trouble, few or zero work, projects delayed if not deleted.
What is hard for me and most people is the impossibility of going out for a quiet walk without the threat of something really bad for us or our loved. I hope is not happened to someone close for you but believe me this shit is crazy.
But is time to stop down and I can't name all the things that I have done during these days/weeks. From re-designing some websites that now have a unique landing page to my Subway slideshow I have think about for months, with never the time to really do it, to scanning all my skateboard years slides and negatives that existed to today only in a few scans with a lot of crappy low-resolution for most, if anything. It's been fun, liberating, hard and an occasion to see that long-gone youth and indestructible sense of being.
Has been a time to really slow down and I have been lucky enough to be with my woman, and not totally alone...

But I asking questions...the economical system is collapsing, they keep telling it everyday...but what system is so rotten that we can't stop for a month? how is money ruining our life and time being? how is really distributed? It looks a lot like a slavery machine more than a system made for people and life.

And then again it's not like something in China is something we can easily forget while we make happy hours aperitivo in Milan or jump on any new forgetting what is not happening to US directly.
Has fast become having a common enemy and be together as much as possible.

Maybe this will or can make it even worse, but first it was immigration problem, then it was China, now it was like city against it's everywhere, so stop pointing our judging finger.

The thing is hard, and I can't avoid to think to all the people suffering, working hard in hospitals worldwide, losses of loved one...but is not the time to think that we planned our life in a silly absurd way? How right is to slave China to make all we need so cheap made? and if it was that cheap how can we be so tight that we can't stand two months without working? Is it not crazy that you can't manage your time if no one organize your days for you? What is really important? how should we use time? What's really important in life? Can be everything an everyone so slaved to economy?

No solutions here, but make your questions and find your choices. Small things that can make a difference.