Enough is enough

Thinking about the career stuffs I had the chance (and time on my side) to think it from the viewpoint of a photographer.

How easy can career vanish and what's really important.

Even I got involved in this crazy thing of "what do the market wants now" or "what's trending in photography that I can do" and I often realized how boring and hard was to update that new gallery on my website or make some work-related web update. I simply wasn't believing in it. And this got stronger and stronger in years.
Then the Covid emergency happened. Shootings deleted, market is gone. A fake dream, an illusion. Time to think, a lot of time. Finally, would have been better without an emergency anyway.

So like a lot of people in this period I decided to focus on what makes me feel alive and real and ended up deleting my working website totally, keeping just a dedicated gallery in my personal website. Letting it go, keeping less stuffs, deciding to find future clients from who I am rather than what I think the market wants. Something more true.

In a world of easy vanishing things to follow isn't clear that less and simple was enough?

Sergio Larrain Magnum Photos