Changes again

I keep up with total reduction and keep managing to get something else different from photography.
With the recent loss of different assignments and Coronavirus quarantine I found time to go down and make some order...
Boxes and boxes of crap, half-full camera bags, the "to-do" things that never got done.
As many photographers do in some periods, I sold all "old" stuffs that are not necessary anymore, so DSLR are definitely gone with all those sharp and big lenses, same for some 35mm collection stuffs like a Nikon F and a rangefinder camera complete with lenses.
The big Think tank bag now is used to keep some led lights, batteries, diffusers, gelatine and some stand, the official "everything that matters light" bag.

Gave away an old Canon Selphy printer, a bag, three old analog cameras and different lenses. Now an old metal container that was used for keeping those stuffs can keep up my darkroom chemicals now, safe and protected, I have obtained more free space and more mind-space, so when I have to go out for pictures I don't have to think at too many choices, having only one or two. Open my little closet and grab the usual cameras and just think at pictures.

My work bag is made from this simple kit now...I had some loan from a friend (thank you, you know who you are) for this and bag is light and easy. I got this simple Think tank bag that is perfect for my minimal kit. It can contain the two digital cameras and some working stuffs or the full analog Kit (Makina/fm2 and some half frame camera like my Pen) or a mix of both. Think Tank is the best for bags, no other brand for me (no, I'm not sponsored, I just love them).
I must say I will not miss the heavy and big gear days at all. My old bag was often full of what was not necessary so I made a choice to have less space and be forced to make choices. You know, is when you have a big house and you make it full of stuffs or a big car and you go on trips with so many things that you don't need since you "have space".

Reducing has worked fine for me in these years, all has been cut down to the minimal need, nothing too expensive, big or heavy, I just focus on pictures and travel light and easy and compared to the old days I find that I have even more than I need, while the "old" bag was always full and heavy and it looked like something was always missing or needed to be acquired.

Simplify is the key, minimalism in photography is helping me to focus, get out from an industry that was becoming toxic to me and so I can work on more friendly clients and activities.

Can I cut down even more? Yes, probably. L'et's see how future evolves and probably I can cut it down to real minimum need.

A lot of darkroom these days, so many contact sheets and prints, then planning and creating stuffs that will's liberating and interesting back again.

You can check projects Subway Zen and Path on Youtube