With the printing of Subway Zen I have gone back in thought to a period.
That period coincided with a new start, and it was born with an end of something else.
What I was living in those days was a 9 to 5 (9 to 8 often) job that was making me mad...
I back then I reduced all my cameras to one single body with one lens and that gave me the freedom to express myself without getting lost in too many choices.
It was liberating, it gave me a vision, a personal one.

I discovered without thinking at it too much that less was more. That gave me the push to leave my job and doing my own personal adventure as a photographer, it was 15+ years ago.

Then many things happened in the photography world, and is so different from how it used to be just a few years ago.

The publication of the book made me think, and I recently started selling everything but the necessary again. Being more focused and specific is the solution, nothing else.
Be lighter, use time and money to study, visit friends and do something personal, unique. Try to promote by doing versus words and ads.

I bet it will work out. I have to kill certain to enter the new, it always worked this way.